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Make Today A Good Day

4”x9” UV Ink Wrap

Perfect for water bottles or mugs!

These wraps can be cut and trimmed to be placed on any hard surfaces.

Water Resistant

Hand Wash Only

*Glass Tumbler Sold Separately

Application Instructions:

Measure cup and decal wrap. Trim excess from the sides of the decal as necessary to fit your glass. Try to avoid overlapping the wrap when applied to the glass can.

Peel the decal wrap off of the white backing.

Line the decal film onto the glass can and apply the decal to the can. Starting on one side, press the wrap down onto the can. The adhesive is very strong; it cannot be removed once applied to the can.

Using a squeegee. Rub the decal well to adhere and work out any air bubbles properly. The more rubbing, the better.

Peel off the clear film.

Hand wash only. We do not recommend use in a dishwasher or microwave. Not recommended for use on cups with a sublimation coating.

Please note: Not all 16oz glass cans are the same size. Measure your glass can and trim the wrap if necessary.

We are not responsible for user error when applying the wraps, damage when applying, wraps not fitting your cups, or damage from the washing.

Make Today A Good Day UV Ink Wrap

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